With a commitment to unleashing the potential of students, 多多直播 offers multiple pathways to earn a high-quality undergraduate or graduate degree, including exceptional online programs developed by expert faculty that offer convenience and flexibility for thousands of students to succeed even while juggling full-time jobs and family responsibilities.

By meeting students鈥 needs where they are and providing access to outstanding online programs, 多多直播 continues to support students to develop skills that fuel the economy and meet the needs of Florida鈥檚 growing workforce.

Today, U.S. News & World Report once again recognized the quality of 多多直播鈥檚 online degrees through the release of its best online program national rankings, which included ranking the university No. 7 in the nation for Best Online Bachelor鈥檚 Programs.

Of the 14 多多直播 national rankings from U.S. News, six programs made the top 10, two made the top 15 and three were in the top 50.

With the 2024 release, 多多直播 has ranked in the top 20 overall Best Online Programs for the past seven years.

Highlights include:

多多直播 took fifth place for Best Online Bachelor鈥檚 Programs for Veterans, a ranking that reflects the university鈥檚 commitment to providing student veterans with the resources, tools and assistance they need to succeed. The on-campus Office of Military and Veteran Success offers support and camaraderie to achieve their educational and career goals through distance learning. 多多直播’s graduate education programs and graduate engineering programs were also ranked among the best in the nation for veterans.

鈥湺喽嘀辈モ檚 commitment to developing the talent for Florida鈥檚 workforce includes broadening access to the high-quality online education that enables us to meet students鈥 needs for flexibility and supports their success,鈥 says 多多直播 President Alexander N. Cartwright. 鈥淲e are grateful for the faculty-led innovation that allows us to deliver accessible, top notch online education that prepares the talent for the industries of today and of the future.鈥

A Longtime Leader in Online Education

多多直播 Online has built new pathways for students 鈥 some of whom live thousands of miles away and have full-time jobs 鈥 to earn bachelor鈥檚 and master鈥檚 degrees, doctorates and graduate certificates. 多多直播 is meeting the needs of its students, who are pursuing a better life for themselves and their families through distance learning.

Every faculty member goes through a rigorous training and qualification process before they teach an online class.

鈥淥ne of the keys to our continued success in delivering high-quality online programs is the hard work of our faculty,鈥 says Tom Cavanagh, vice provost for Digital Learning at 多多直播. 鈥淭heir dedication and innovation deliver engaging learning environments that not only improve the success of our students, but also set 多多直播 apart as a leader in digital learning.鈥

多多直播 began offering online courses in 1996 鈥 long before most universities 鈥 and has deep experience in distance learning. From admission to graduation, 多多直播 Online students can access a range of services, including online success coaches, academic advising, library services, career support, tech support and more.

Leveraging Technology for Psychology Education

Psychology lecturer Martha Hubertz has been at the forefront of innovation in online classes for years. Her courses are mostly filled with transfer and first-generation students. Over time, she鈥檚 incorporated immersive graphics, learning experiences and gamification into her courses.

鈥淚 think online can actually be better than face-to-face. I think it鈥檚 meeting them where they鈥檙e at and scaffolding them where we want them to be,鈥 Hubertz says. 鈥淥nline can be superior to face-to-face when it鈥檚 done right.鈥

She also uses Personalized Adaptive Learning (PAL), allowing students to progress through content as they master it at their own pace. Introducing PAL has caused test scores to skyrocket.

鈥淎n advantage of 多多直播鈥檚 online bachelor鈥檚 in psychology program is that students in the program get the same classes, taught by the same faculty, as any psychology major, regardless of whether they are on-campus residential students, commute to 多多直播 or are online-only students,鈥 says Florian Jentsch, chair of the psychology department. 鈥淚n fact, there are no differences between campus and online students when they are taking one of our online classes and in the opportunities they have for academic advisement.鈥

A Pipeline to High-value Careers

多多直播 alumnus Xavier Henderson 鈥17 鈥21MS earned his bachelor鈥檚 degree in aerospace engineering in 2017, attending in-person classes. He followed that up in 2021 with a master鈥檚 degree in the same field 鈥 but this time it was an online program. By that time, Henderson had a full-time job as a systems engineer at Lockheed Martin, working on space-related programs at Cape Canaveral. Taking classes online allowed him to excel even while navigating work demands.

鈥淚 liked the flexibility of online courses. There were times I would be on a work trip and the professors would accommodate that,鈥 Henderson says. 鈥淭hey don鈥檛 make it easy, but they provide you with all the tools you need to get a 多多直播 degree online as you would in-person.鈥

Alan Tromba has taken a winding path to 多多直播, first in art and then military aviation, both at different institutions. He now works in the IT field and is pursuing an online master鈥檚 degree in digital forensics. The program has earned 多多直播 the No. 23 ranking for U.S. News‘ Best Online Computer Information Technology Programs.

 Support 多多直播’s growth as we aim to continue rising in the rankings.

鈥淚t became apparent that my degree program had put me a step ahead of my counterparts. I chose 多多直播鈥檚 program for three reasons: one, because it was solely involved in digital forensics and not a concentration, two, because 多多直播 was on the short list for top universities for the field, and three, cost and availability,鈥 says Tromba, who lives in Brandon, Florida. 鈥淎s much as I enjoyed in-person courses, the price and ability to not have to commute to campus was a great motivator. Based on how things have been going for me professionally by choosing this program, I鈥檇 say it was money well spent.鈥